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Funky-Fish Funk up your sound!

Detailed info - Belgian Fuzz Machien:


To reproduce the same sound as the old Faylon Fuzz we did a lot of measurements on the old pedal and made sure the new acts exactly the same as the old one. Of course we did use the same old silicon transistors. That’s right, no germanium, but real silicon stuff to get a real nasty, grungy fuzz.


Afterwards we added a rather interesting tone control. It makes a big difference where you put the tone control in the signal path. If you put the tone control in front of the distortion you decide what kind of signal will be overdriven and it changes the character, the sound of your distortion. If you put the tone control behind the distortion you can only correct the balance between low, mid and high tones but you are not able to change the overall sound of the distortion. We implemented both tone controls, one in front and one behind the distortion circuit. With both tone controls to the bottom (FLAT and BRIGHT) you have no tone control implemented and it is just the original Faylon Fuzz circuit.


Standard 9V DC supply and True Bypass.



  • FUZZ: controls the amount of distortion you want.
  • VOLUME: output volume.
  • MID/FLAT: when FLAT, no filter is put on the signal. If you chose MID, you put a high shelving filter on the input of the fuzz, so less bumpy and muddy sound, but tighter and more bluesy with a less low tones.
  • DARK/BRIGHT: when BRIGHT, no filter is put on the signal. When DARK is activated, a low shelving filter will be put at the end of the fuzz circuit, acting like a big muff tone knob all the way to the left. Use this setting if you want to get these heavy, dark, wall-of-sound kind of vibe.



  • 2 layers quality PCB’s with ground plane for maximum EMC performance.
  • Miniaturized design and easier/better PCB assembling/soldering by using SMD components where possible (when not affecting the original sound).
  • No PCB jacks or footswitch is implemented since we know at the Funky-Fish repair center people tend to break this things no matter what the quality of the components is. By not putting them on the PCB and leaving enough space we allow an easy repair of this pedal if needed.
  • True Bypass.
  • Same transistors (BC109C) and electrolytic capacitors used as in the Faylon Fuzz.



  • Price for the BELGIAN FUZZ MACHIEN pedal is 140 Euro.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Possibility of 2 weeks free trial of demo device. Demo device should be picked-up and returned by the costumer.