Funky-Fish Funk up your sound!

Gert Van Loock is an educative audio engineer. For more than 10 years Gert is repairing and designing audio equipment. In 2007 he founded Funky-Fish as a playground for his own projects and ideas.


Besides Funky-Fish, Gert works at GroepT - KU Leuven. Gert is in charge of the laboratories electronics at GroepT and spent most of his time with organizing student projects in the electronic domain. He is an expert in analog and power electronics. He is convinced that it is his duty is to make young people enthusiastic for electronics and science in general.


Besides electronics Gert likes to play bass, guitar and saxophone.


In fact retro is a style of living and Gert would like have lived in the seventies. You can find him often working on his Opel Manta or Rekord or his seventies motorcycles.


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(photo Stijn Swinnen - www.stijnswinnen.be)